About Us


-Nathan Fawson, Executive Director

We’re pleased to offer an array of adult and children’s services.  As treatment begins and progresses, the Primary Clinician may refer you to any of these resources to fit your needs and to insure a timely progression in your treatment goals.

As always – with any aspect of our organization – we encourage your comments, suggestions, or complaints.  Our services have been built around the needs of, and feedback from, our consumers and the communities we serve.  There are Suggestion Boxes available in all offices for your use.  We offer opportunities to share information through the use of surveys and focus groups, or you may call me any time at 620/365-8641.

Thank you for choosing Southeast Kansas Mental Health Center to provide your behavioral health care needs.  I hope your time with us is positive and rewarding.

The Mission of the Southeast Kansas Mental Health Center is to provide, advocate and coordinate quality mental health care, services and programs for people in its service area.


Your scheduled appointment time has been reserved for you.  While sometimes missing an appointment becomes absolutely necessary, advance notice of a cancellation is greatly appreciated.  A 24-hour notice will allow another to fill the appointment time.  Notice of less than 24 hours without a valid excuse will be called a No-Show and will be billed to you personally.  Third-party payers cannot be billed for No-Shows.

Two consecutive No Shows will change your status to Walk-In, meaning that the Office Staff will not be allowed to schedule an appointment time for you.  Should you need to see your therapist or your doctor, it will require your waiting in the lobby for an opening.


Physical intervention is used only after de-escalation techniques have been used to no avail.  When consumers have difficulty managing their behavior, every effort will be made to calm the situation through a variety of methods taught through the Mandt ® System.  If external management becomes required, it will be done with the least amount necessary in all situations, using the guiding philosophy that each individual has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.


Services are never denied due to an inability to pay.  However, after a fee is established based on income and circumstances, and a Financial Agreement is signed, it is expected that payment will be made at the time services are provided.

If it proves burdensome to pay at the time of services, monthly statements are issued from which payment can be made.  If a payment plan is to be arranged, please advise the Office Staff.